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The Top 10 Best Downtown Charleston Excursions 

When exploring downtown Charleston, you’ll discover a wealth of historic landmarks and architectural gems. Here are some must-see landmarks in downtown Charleston:

1. Charleston Harbor Sailing: for a truly memorable experience, choose an afternoon or sunset charter and explore the historic Charleston Harbor in a whole new way.

2. Rainbow Row: Located on East Bay Street, Rainbow Row is a row of pastel-colored historic houses that is an iconic symbol of Charleston. The colorful facades make for a picture-perfect scene.

3. The Battery: The Battery is a seawall promenade and park at the southern tip of the Charleston Peninsula. It offers stunning views of Charleston Harbor, Fort Sumter, and beautiful antebellum mansions.

4. Charleston City Market: The Historic City Market is a bustling marketplace that dates back to 1804. It stretches for four blocks and is filled with vendors selling unique crafts, artwork, and local products.

*2-4 are very close to where you will board Esprit de Joy and can easily be done before or after your sailing adventure with us!

5. St. Michael’s Episcopal Church: St. Michael’s is one of Charleston’s oldest churches, dating back to 1752. Its steeple is a prominent feature on the city’s skyline and is known for surviving numerous hurricanes.

6. Nathaniel Russell House: This beautifully restored neoclassical mansion is a prime example of Federal architecture. Take a guided tour to admire the stunning interiors and learn about life in early 19th-century Charleston.

7. Calhoun Mansion: The Calhoun Mansion is an opulent Gilded Age mansion filled with lavish furnishings and artwork. It is known for its impressive Italianate architecture and grandeur.

8. Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon: The Old Exchange Building is a historic landmark that has served as a customs house, a post office, and a meeting place. Visit the Provost Dungeon, located beneath the building, to delve into Charleston’s darker history.

9. Circular Congregational Church: This historic church, founded in 1681, is known for its circular shape and beautiful stained glass windows. It has been an important part of Charleston’s religious and cultural landscape for centuries.

10. The International African American Museum: Recently opened in the summer of 2023, the IAAM is a groundbreaking resource for the study of African American genealogy. The site where it sits was once a disembarkment point for nearly 40% of all slaves.

These landmarks offer a glimpse into Charleston’s complex history, architectural beauty, and cultural heritage. As you explore downtown Charleston, take the time to appreciate these iconic sites that make the city a unique and captivating destination.

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