Charleston Harbor Crew

Jill and Katherine Joy

Jill and Katherine Joy (Kat) are a mother-daughter duo with a passion for sailing and adventure. In 2019, after a break from her favorite hobby, Jill was eager to get back on the water. Sailing had always been on Kat’s adventure list, so they signed up for a beginner’s sailing class together. Every evening, they were in awe of the Charleston Harbor and inspired by the sunsets. Little did they know that four years later, that class would be the "mainsail" inspiring their business, Charleston Harbor Sailing (CHS).

The pandemic didn’t stop Jill and Kat from adjusting their sails. They utilized the urging of outdoor activity to take additional sailing courses and eventually come up with a business plan to create a charter company.

With Jill’s business acumen, Will's extensive knowledge of the sea, and Kat’s marketing background, the three knew that they were the perfect trifecta for a team. All three share the same vision: To share the joy of sailing with others and to create a unique and unforgettable experience for those who sail with them.

Captain Will

Captain Will Monts is a lifelong sailor. His maritime journey began at the age of 6 in Bluffton, SC, where he honed his sailing skills in Optimist dinghies. This early passion evolved into competitive racing and numerous seafaring tales. With a wealth of sailing experiences nationally and globally, Will has accumulated a treasure trove of maritime adventures, fishing achievements, and two prestigious international championships.

With over a decade of professional sailing instruction under his belt, Will boasts a repertoire of certifications, including a 50 Gross Ton Master License, US Sailing Certified Instructor, STCW with PDSD, and First Aid/CPR credentials. Having navigated thousands of nautical miles and actively participated in local, regional, and national regattas,

Will’s commitment to safety and exceptional service shines through in every charter, ensuring each guest experience is an unforgettable voyage.

When not on the water, you can find Will enjoying one of Charleston’s many fantastic restaurants (he is always happy to give recommendations), traveling, or enjoying a science fiction novel.

Charleston Harbor Sailing Captain

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